Brand Concept

2023-07-12 17:33:00 Loong


Recently, the Tailong brand reducer trademark of Jiangsu Tailong Reducer Co., Ltd. was recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as the first Chinese well-known trademark in the national reducer industry. This product was also awarded as a Chinese famous brand product last year. Therefore, "Tailong" has become an independent brand in my country's reducer industry with two Jinyu signs at the same time. The Tailong people said that it was not easy to obtain these two gold-lettered signboards.

 Innovation Allows for Failure

 "In order to encourage innovation, Tailong has a special regulation: develop new products and new technologies, and allow failure." Yin Yongqing, the company's executive deputy general manager, told reporters.

 He told a story: In the process of developing a high-power PS swing ring reducer, an engineer surnamed Zhang proposed an optimization scheme that can greatly reduce product costs. According to his design, the workshop quickly produced new products. Unexpectedly, after using this product for 3 months, some defects were gradually exposed. The cost, freight and compensation caused considerable losses to the company, so someone proposed to punish Engineer Zhang. When the engineer was uneasy, Yin Genzhang, chairman of Tailong Group, approached him. Not only did he not fine him, but he affirmed his innovative spirit and encouraged him to learn lessons and reform the product. The chairman's attitude moved him very much. He worked hard to solve the problem, and soon solved the crux of the problem. This new type of reducer achieved sales of 200 million yuan that year, and it could save the company 10 million yuan in costs every year. Engineer Zhang also received a reward of 120,000 yuan.

 Subsequently, the company officially announced that the risk of innovation by technicians shall be borne by the enterprise, thus forming a strong atmosphere of innovation.

 Seize the highest point of the market

 In order to break the monopoly of international technology, Tailong reducer company aims at the international high-end market, actively seeks cooperation with well-known domestic enterprises and international multinational companies, and has embarked on a virtuous cycle of "development-introduction-innovation-listing".

 Not long ago, Japan's Nippon Steel Corporation, one of the top ten steel companies in the world, came here to inspect the manufacturing strength of Tailong's metal wire equipment, and asked it to trial-produce several batches of non-standard products with small production volume and high manufacturing difficulty. Faced with more than 4,200 sets of drawings, the group organized technical personnel to tackle key problems one by one, and innovated more than 200 key technologies of the equipment. The first batch of equipment manufacturing obtained 6 patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights, which were affirmed by Japanese experts. That year, the company signed a product manufacturing agreement totaling 160 million yuan with Tailong.

 In recent years, Tailong adopts advanced technology to develop TL modular gear reduction motor, heavy-duty modular reducer, vertical mill and edge drive mill gearbox for building materials industry, three-ring reducer and star gear for metallurgical industry. Dozens of new products such as wheel reducer. At the same time, Tailong also undertook the research and development tasks of dozens of high-end products of multinational companies such as France's Confort Group, South Korea's Lee Lee Group, Japan's Tokyo Steel Co., Ltd., and Japan's Yokohama Industrial Corporation.

 Build an echelon talent team

 The key to Tailong's continuous development of high-end products is the formation of a well-structured echelon talent team.

 At present, among the more than 4,000 employees in the company's headquarters, there are more than 1,100 professional engineering and technical personnel. There are also many industry authorities who are non-staff experts of the company.

 In order to hire a professional technician in Beijing, the leader of Tailong Group came to the door five times. The expert was deeply moved and finally agreed to contribute technology to Tailong. At present, the expert has developed a new international sought-after reducer product for them, and it has been put on the market in small batches, and will be mass-produced in the second half of the year, with an annual sales of 300 million yuan.

 In order to cultivate new technical force, Tailong established the "Tailong" scholarship in Jiangsu University, and directed training for outstanding students. At the beginning of this year, they introduced 200 excellent graduates from Jiangsu University at one time, and provided them with preferential treatment such as housing, adding "fresh blood" to the company.