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Jiangsu Tailong Steel Cord Complete Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Jiangsu Tailong Steel Cord Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. is located at No. 88, Daqing East Road. It was registered and established in Jiangsu Province on May 15, 2002. During the 18 years of development and growth of the company, we have always provided customers with good products and excellent services. Technical support, sound after-sales service.

Our company is mainly engaged in the production of steel cord, steel wire rope, steel wire and welding wire complete sets of equipment.

Our business philosophy: science and technology as the guide, modern management as the core, corporate brand as the symbol, and creating benefits as the purpose. To be a giant of thought, an iron man of action, and pursue the common values of combining personal development and company development in the most perfect and organic way. Continuously develop and improve the enterprise, and adhere to the enterprise development strategy of "steady development, survival in competition, pragmatic plans, and dedication to success". Sincerity is the foundation of business, and being a man first in business is the purpose we pursue.