Talon group: take innovation as the first driving force to lead development!

2023-07-12 17:33:00 Loong

On September 10, 2018, Taizhou news made a special report on Tailong reducer Co., Ltd. Talon group is a leader in China's reducer industry. Facing the new requirements of high-quality development, Talon group has strengthened the research and development of new products. In recent years, it has successively obtained a number of authorized patents and formulated a number of technical standards for medium and high-end products, of which one is also listed as national and industrial standards.
Taking innovation as the first driving force for development has always been the purpose of Talon group. Talon will continue to take industry, University and research as the platform, actively establish various forms of cooperation and coordination with colleges and universities and research institutes, develop high-quality and reliable precision transmission reducers, and enter special industries and important fields!