Guide and inspire young people with the spirit of model workers

2023-07-12 17:33:00 Loong

Guide and inspire young people with the spirit of model workers

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Jiangsu Tailong reducer Company Ling Jianjun

"Take the spirit of model worker and craftsman as the guide to drive employees to actively innovate and create results. Carry out activities of model worker and craftsman spirit in o enterprises, institutions, campuses, towns, communities and networks... Cultivate more craftsman talents and technical experts, and create a glorious social atmosphere of labor and a professional atmosphere of excellence." Ling Jianjun, an employee of Jiangsu Tailong reducer Co., Ltd., a model worker from the front line of the enterprise, carefully recorded this paragraph from the report of the conference in his notebook.

From "layman" in liberal arts, apprentice to numerical control mechanical skill expert, skill champion of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu craftsman and national "May Day" labor medal... Ling Jianjun, 44, has explained the "craftsman spirit" of the new era with nearly 20 years of persistence, and has his own thoughts on how to give play to the advanced role of labor model and create a good atmosphere of labor glory.

Ling Jianjun is currently the director of the enterprise skill training and evaluation center. In recent years, he has presided over the training of thousands of front-line operators of car, grinding, milling and boring for the enterprise, and trained hundreds of senior technicians. "I have more than 20 one-on-one and hand-in-hand apprentices, all of whom have made good development, but only five of them finally stay in the enterprise." he told reporters that at present, many people still have the prejudice of being a worker, and parents and graduates are unwilling to enter the enterprise as workers. Even if you enter an enterprise and learn technology, you will choose to change jobs once you have a better place to go. In Ling Jianjun's view, it is very necessary for the model workers to enter the campus activities proposed in the report of the general assembly. It is necessary to focus on publicizing and promoting the model workers' spirit and craftsman spirit in the school, and use the model workers' spirit to interpret "glorious labor and great creation". It is to start from the source of talents and eliminate the social prejudice against workers and workers. Modernization requires high-end R & D, and skilled workers to manufacture and realize it. He hopes that through various forms of publicity and education activities, the whole society, especially young people, can have a more correct and profound understanding of labor and craftsmen, create a good atmosphere of respecting front-line labor, and make more people willing to work in enterprises, Grow in o an expert.

"Promote new development through hard work, honest work and innovative work, build a new Jiangsu, and make" glorious work and great creation "the strongest voice of the new era ringing through the land of Jiangsu." Ling Jianjun was encouraged by the speech made by Lou Qinjian, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, at the meeting, "I believe that through the efforts of the whole society, 'labor is the most glorious, labor is the most noble, labor is the greatest and labor is the most beautiful' will become a common practice. I am proud that I can become a note in the strongest voice of this new era."