【Planetary Reducerr】New NGW Series NAD Planetary Gear Geducer/Gearbox


It is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, trasportation, building, light industry, power and traffic.

The revolving velocity of the high speed shaft is according is various from 1500-600rpm.

The circumferential velocity of the gear transmission: cylindrical gear is less than 15m/s, the bevel gear is no more than 20m/s.

The ambient temperature is between -40℃ to 45℃. If below 0℃,the lubrication oil should be preheated to above 10 before start.

The reducer can operate in pro and con directions.

Symbol and remarps

Symbol include: type, stage no, linking, form, nominal transmission ratio, assembling form, standard no.

N—NGW Type ;

A—Single stage planetary decelerator ;

B—Two-stage planetary decelerator ;

C—Three-stage planetary decelerator ;

D—Pedstal linking ;

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