【Planetary Reducerr】NGW Series NGW Planetary Gear Geducer/Gearbox


NGW is consist of single-stage (NGW11-NGW121), two-stage (NGW42-NGW122) and stree-stage (NGW73-NGW123).

1.Structure characteristic

(1)Small volume, light weight, well-knitted structure, big transmission power high load capacity

(2)High transmission eflency

(3)Big transmission ratio

2.Application and referred situation

NGW planetary decelerators have been mainly used in matallurgy, mining, cranesand trasportation etc. mechanical equipments

The velocity of high-speed shaft is less than 1500r/min, the gear circumferential velocity is no more than 10m/s; the ambien

temperature is between -40'C to 45'C  and can revolue in pro and condirection.

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